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May 22, 2001
Abbey's Web is still being updated now and then; but I have been very lazy with updating this page... 
Mar 24, 1998
Added information about the article Abbey's Boots.
Dec 28, 1997
The indexing and search service has been enhanced. Try it out!
Nov 16, 1997
The Quote database is now a true database, where you can search for, and add new, quotes.
Sep 20, 1997
It's been a while since we had something really new and substantial for you, but here is now James M. Cahalan's extensive and interesting article about Edward Abbey's Appalachian roots in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, titled "My People". Read it!
May 19, 1997
Added information about the replica of the state historical marker commemorating Ed in Home, PA., in the form of a refigerator magnet, that is now available.
April 1, 1997
If you use Windows95 you can now have an animated monkey wrench as your "busy cursor"!
December 8, 1996
In affiliation wih Books, Abbey's Web can now help you order many of the books and other items directly over the Internet. Visit our Bookstore for more information.
October 13, 1996
Added link to the mirror site, and moved awards to About Abbey's Web.
Two more articles by Jim Cahalan added to Articles about Edward Abbey.
An actual photo of the State Historical Marker has now arrived.
October 4, 1996
Updated information about the State Historical Marker in Home.
August 26, 1996
"Pulling up stakes" - the story of a signed survey stake.
New and fixed links on the Links page.
A letter from Robert Redford supporting the State Historical Marker in Home.
A letter from Kirk Douglas to the Los Angeles Time, regarding Lonely Are the Brave.
A new section for Articles about Edward Abbey.
Small fixes here and there.
July 9, 1996
Updated information about the State Historical Marker in Home.
May 10, 1996
Another addition to the Reflections area; the essay Letter to Edward Abbey from Earth by Stephen J. Lyons.
Keep it coming, folks!
May 9, 1996
Information about the recently approved State Historical Marker which will be placed in Home, Pennsylvania.
April 23, 1996
A new genealogy section tracing Ed's family.
Much expanded information about the Edward Abbey Wilderness Calendars and the Monkey Wrench Gang Calendar.
March 11, 1996
Artist Michael McCurdy has contributed his original art for the book Earth Apples for display. The information about the book has been completed as well.
The poem Homage to Lava Falls by W.C. Bottin, in the Reflections area, has been edited by the author.
A few typos etc are gone.
February 12, 1996
Even more cover pictures, almost complete now.
Corrected information about Ed's birth place.
January 23, 1996
We had a disk crash and lost the comments made by readers the last week or so, sorry about that.
Added more cover pictures.
January 14, 1996
Updated information for the books Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist, Serpents of Paradise, and Desert Solitaire.

Added pictures of the covers for Serpents of Paradise, Desert Solitaire, Vox Clamantis In Deserto, Confessions of a Barbarian and the movie Lonely Are The Brave.

Added the new section Resist Much, Obey Little with information about current activism and hot topics.

Added two new contributions to Reflections.

December 3, 1995
Added the new search facility. You can now search through all text in Abbey's Web as well as all archived articles sent to the mailing list.
Added a few more links, check for the *NEW* icon.
November 8, 1995
Eric Temple contributed a photo of Ed for the Reflections section.
Added information about the early version of Fool's Progress published as Confessions of a Barbarian.
October 30, 1995
Another contribution to Reflections, this time a magnificent "Edward Abbey 2 cents postage stamp" from Josh Randall.
The Magellan Internet Index gives Abbey's Web four out of four stars in this review.
October 24, 1995
There are two new contributions in Reflections, the area for reader contributed material.
October 5, 1995
Abbey's Web has been reviewed and rated as being among the Top 5% of all websites by Point Communications!
New comment facility -- instead of including all existing comments on the page you know hit a button to read them (this saves a lot of juice on the server.)
Added running times and content information for the Freedom & Wilderness audio tape.
There are some new links, marked with the symbol.
A brand new section called Reflections contains essays and poems contributed by the readers.
An Introduction page has been added for people who have yet to discover Edward Abbey.
New design for the front page - I hope my use of a HTML table does not upset too many readers!
August 19, 1995
Added sections for audio tapes and the Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness video. Entered the cover text for The New West of Edward Abbey. Some new links.
Some more links.
July 4, 1995
There are new navigation icons with a "desert flavor". They're a bit rough still but I'll keep working at them (any pixels artists out there that can come to the rescue?).
I added a new page for the forthcoming book With Traven and Thoreau by Ken Sanders.
I also added some new links to Dream Garden Press, The Arid Lands Newsletter and the book The River That Flows Uphill.
June 12, 1995
Changed most of the text that was in italic to be normal text, as some have complained that it was hard to read (on cheap displays). What do you think, is it better or worse now?
June 6, 1995
The links for Earth First! now goes to the Web-pages set up by Vagabond Jim on his Zoom Street, instead of the dull gopher-site.
Added a link to a page about the characters in The Monkey Wrench Gang that I found by searching the net.
June 1, 1995
Information about the upcoming NAAS conference in Norway.
May 25, 1995
Added more information on the book Resist Much, Obey Little and the TV movie Fire on the Mountain.
May 4, 1995
The traffic on the new mailing list. has now started, and an archive for 1995 is available.
May 2, 1995
Added information about the new mailing list.
April 18, 1995
Added the new book The Serpents of Paradise.
April 8, 1995
Added links to Mike Jewells pages for Edward Abbey and Camping in Southwest USA.
April 3, 1995
Weeded out broken links on the Links -page.
March 28, 1995
Added links to Outside Magazine which has now made its debut on the web.
March 24, 1995
Added information about the Edward Abbey audio-tapes and the 1993 Edward Abbey Calendar and some more links in the Bibliography section.
January 20, 1995
Added more links to the Links -page.
January 18, 1995
Ran the Word6 spell-checker over it, corrected a few typos.
Added Reader comments to the Links -page.

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