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Freedom & Wilderness: Edward Abbey Reads From His Work

CoverAbbey reads selections from his non-fiction. Apparently he sounds remarkably like the actor Gregory Peck...

Thanks to Earth Stewards in Reno, NV for donating a copy of these tapes to me.

Titles and running times

I, 41:50
Come On In--the Journey Home, 7:18
Fire Lookout, 12:00
The Dead Man at Grandview Point, 22:32
II, 43:37
Down There in the Rocks, 10:28
Cowboys, 33:09
III, 43:12
Watching the Birds: the Windhover, 17:15
In the Defense of the Redneck, 25:57
IV, 43:40
Merry Christmas Pigs, 9:15
Freedom and Wilderness, Wilderness and Freedom, 27:25
Planting a Tree, 7:00

Catalog data

"Freedom & Wilderness: Edward Abbey Reads From His Work"
ISBN 0-939643-12-X
North Word Audio Press order #3524
2 cassettes, 3 hours
$16.95 + $4.50 regular shipping

North Word Audio Press
PO Box 1360
Minocqua, WI
USA 54548
1-800-336-5666 Phone
1-715-356-9762 Fax


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