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The Animated Monkeywrench Cursor

John Tappero ( noticed that the little monkeywrenches on the top page of Abbey's Web would make a pretty nice Windows 95 cursor, so he used the image to convert one and I also made a nice "working" animated cursor as well. So, every time the computer is loading something, you don't get the little Microsoft "flying window", but a nice little spinning monkeywrench instead. Thanks John!

Download, in it you'll find:

mw_cursr.cur The standard cursor
mw_work.ani The animated cursor which can be used either for "Working in Background" or "Busy"

To install them, unpack the archive in say C:/tmp, then goto Control Panel / Mouse / Pointers and use them for the apropriate cursors..

Wrench artwork is Copyright (c) 1995 Dream Garden Press.

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