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By, about and related to Edward Abbey

By Edward Abbey
- Desert Solitaire, 1968
- Appalachian Wilderness, 1970
- Slickrock, 1971
- Cactus Country, 1973
- The Journey Home, 1977
- The Hidden Canyon, 1977
- Abbey's Road, 1979
- Desert Images, 1979
- Down the River, 1982
- In Praise of Mountain Lions, 1984
- Beyond the Wall, 1984
- One Life at a Time, Please, 1988
- A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: Notes from a Secret Journal, 1989
- Confessions of a Barbarian: Selections from the Journals of Edward Abbey, 1951-1989, 1994
- Jonathan Troy, 1954
- The Brave Cowboy, 1956
- Fire on the Mountain, 1962
- Black Sun, 1971
- The Monkey Wrench Gang, 1975
- Good News, 1980
- The Fool's Progress, 1988
- Hayduke Lives!, 1989
- The Best of Edward Abbey (also published as Slumgullion Stew), 1984
- The Serpents of Paradise: A Reader, 1995.
- Earth Apples, 1994
- Lonely are the Brave, 1962
- Fire on the Mountain, 1981
Audio tapes
- Freedom & Wilderness: Edward Abbey Reads From His Works
- Other tapes
- The 1987 Monkey Wrench Gang Calendar
- The Edward Abbey Western Wilderness Calendars
- Utah Wilderness Photography, 1978
- Walden, 1981
- Ecodefense, 1985
- Images from the Great West, 1990
- Late Harvest, 1991
- Desert Skin, 1994
About and related to Edward Abbey
Biographies, bibliographies
- McCann on Edward Abbey, 1977
- The New West of Edward Abbey, 1982
- Resist Much, Obey Little, 1989
- Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness (video), 1993
- Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist, 1994
- Coyote in the Maze, 1998
- With Traven and Thoreau, 2002?
- Edward Abbey: A Life, 2001
- Dead Reckoning, 1995
- Weaving Abbeys Web, 1995
- Chasing Abbey, 1997
- My People, 1997
- Abbey's Boots, 1998
- Other articles
Related books
- Glen Canyon, 1997

For each book I own I have included the information printed on the back of the book and the entries for that book in the Library of Congress LOCIS database. I have also typed in a few reviews I have found here and there, and I hope I haven't broken too many copyrights in doing this...

Please check the Reader comments as well for information added by the readers of Abbey's Web.

You can also buy from the Abbey's Web bookstore.
Dream Garden Press also have most, if not all, Edward Abbey books for sale.

The Library of Congress database and many other bibliographical databases can be searched using this Z39.50 search form.

The University of Arizona Library has a Special Collection on Edward Abbey. The journals Abbey kept during his lifetime are kept here among other things. You can search their database using SABIO, a telnet search interface, but read the SABIO User Guide first.

I've never yet read a review of one of my books that I couldn't have written much better myself.

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