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Why Amazon advertisements?

Abbey's Web is a private web site run by me on my own expense. Bu bying your books using the links here I get paid a little referal fee from Amazon, for each sold book. This little income helps to pay the hosting bill for Abbey's Web, it's still not enough but I hope that will improve.

Some have contacted me about this, usually with a comment like "boycott Amazon, Ed would have hated them" or "support the little bookstores instead!". I have yet to find anything said by Abbey that would confirm the first comment - Ed wanted his books to be read as as many people as possible.

I do agree with the second comment though - by all means, support your  local and small business!  The latter is very hard do to on a global website though, so that will be your responsibility and choice.

I've found Amazons associate progam to be the "least bad" choice among the options I have to try to finance this site. I do not want to go with a banner advertisement program where I have control over what kind of ads are displayed here for example.

The choice is yours:
- If you don't believe in large bookstores and think Amazon are evil bloodsuckers -- don't buy!
- If you have good local bookstore -- get your books there!
- If you don't have a problem with Amazon and want to keep Abbey's Web alive - buy them here.

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Why ads for Amazon?