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Resist Much, Obey Little!

Think globally, act locally

WrenchOn this page we'll list a few worthy causes, current activism etc so you can take an active role in the defense of Mother Earth. There are many more of course, please see the Links page for more pointers to environmental organizations etc.

Do you know of any current activism or worthy cause that should be highlighted here?
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Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

WWW: Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

SUWA is the voice of one of America's most threatened landscapes - the wild and unspoiled Colorado Plateau. Ten thousand concerned citizens from across the nation have joined SUWA's hard-hitting, grassroots commitment to save the magnificent canyon country of Southern Utah.

new_gren.gif (889 bytes) The biggest threat to Utah wilderness is the RS2477 act. Learn more and help stop it!

Native Habitats

WWW: Native Habitats

The mission of Native Habitats is to participate in and support efforts to restore and preserve Wilderness and ecosystems (urban, suburban & wild) ....for the sake of preserving biodiversity and allowing native species, both flora and fauna, to survive and thrive.

Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

WWW: Alliance for a Paving Moratorium

Launched in 1990, the nonprofit Alliance for a Paving Moratorium is a diverse and rapidly growing movement of grassroots community groups, individuals and businesses. The common goal is to halt the tremendous environmental, social and economic damage caused by endless road building.

Wildlife Damage Review

WDR is a grassroots organization committed to shutting down the U.S.Department of Agriculture's Animal Damage Control, an agency that "controls" wildlife species on behalf of private landowners and public land agencies. Basically, the Federally-funded agency eradicates species using poison, trapping, and other methods. For example, according to WDR, 26,335 animals were "taken" by ADC's supposedly canine-specific M-44s in 1993: 23,183 coyotes, 1,852 red foxes, 529 gray foxes, 253 feral dogs, 181 racoons, and 126 skunks. WDR also works to protect native species threatened in other manners; but it's main mission is to do away with ADC.

This organization is founded by Clarke Abbey (Edward Abbey's widow), Lisa Peacock, Nancy Zierenberg, and Marian Baker Gierlach.

Read the article An Eye for an Eye: Killing Wildlife for Revenge for more information about this.

WDR's address is:

PO Box 85218
Tucson, AZ 85754

Tel. (602)-884-0883

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