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Here are some links that in some way or another are related to Edward Abbey, his works and the areas he loved and fought for. I bet there are many more interesting pages out there on the Web, so please send me an email ( if you find something that would fit in this list!

Disclaimer: keeping a link list up-to-date is a lot of work... I suggest you also use search engines like Alta Vista and directories like Yahoo to find relevant sites. If you find a broken link here or find a site that you think is really relevant and should be included here, let me know:

Other Abbey pages

Edward Abbey: A Voice in the Wilderness
Canyon Productions produced this film about Edward Abbey, and has made available the full transcript as well as some other interesting material.
Mike Jewells Abbey-page
The page contains information on Eds last public appearance, info on books about Everett Ruess and Katie Lee as well as some poetry and songs Mike has written (see Music below). He's even got a collection of monkey wrenches!
James Cahalan
James was the driving force behind the state historical marker for Ed that has now been erected in the town of Home, in Pennsylvania. James has also written the article My People and some other articles about Ed.

Other author pages

CyberSaunter: Henry David Thoreau
This site promises to be the home of a wealth of knowledge about the life and works of Henry David Thoreau.
Henry David Thoreau
Another page with many links to Thoreau-related information.
John Muir Exhibit
The John Muir Exhibit is a extensive collection of materials on the life and legacy of John Muir.
Environmental Philosophers
Short introductions to a few environmental philosophers.
Association for the Study of Literature and Environment.
Yahoo : authors index
A comprehensive index.

Regions and places

In the American Southwest, I began a lifelong love affair with a pile of rocks.

Great Basin Kingdom
This is the alternative user's guide to our weird, wild, thoroughly eccentric corner of the world.
Tourist, traveler and immigrant alike: Look no further!
Secrets of the Kingdom are revealed here.
Slot Canyon Hiking Page
Lots of information about slot canyons in Utah and Arizona, and how to hike them. Many pictures.
Links to different areas in the US and beyond.
Discover Utah
Tourist information about Utah.
Utah Travel Guide
More tourist information about Utah.
Max Bertola's Southern Utah
Four years ago Max became southern Utah's first full-time travel writer. This is an electronic version of his free publication.
Utah Geography
This is a digital atlas of Utah generated by the Department of Geography and Earth Resources at Utah State University.
GORP Locations
GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages) has an index with location-related links. There is also a page for Attractions, ie national parks, national forests etc.
Grand Canyon NP
About that well-known gorge in Arizona.

Stories, travelogues

The River That Flows Uphill
This is an entire book, a river diary by William H. Calvin of "a two-week white-water trip through the bottom of the Grand Canyon, discussing everything from the Big Bang to the Big Brain".
Read a chapter of this interesting book to find out that it's hard to read a book on the screen, then go out and buy the "analog" version on honest-to-good paper...
Grand Canyon rafting
This site includes an annotated rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, with nice photos. Highly recommended!
Grand Canyon hiking trip
Another annotated trip; here we get to hike with Joe Hudson and the Grand Canyon Junkies in the Grand Canyon. This story will make you want to descend at once!
Voyage to Another Universe
A travelogue for a trip Karen M Strom made in Arizona and New Mexico. Lots of images, poems and details as well as good writing by Karen.
Travels with Samantha
On the trip Philip Greenspun writes about in this excellent book he traveled through Utah. There he visited Salt Lake City, Moab, the Slickrock bike trail and Arches National Park.
He writes about this leg of the trip in chapter XV, but I recommend you to read the complete book
Southwest USA Travelogue
A travelogue from a trip done in 1992 by Mark and Evelyn Leeper. This document resides on a Gopher server so there are no images and fun links, but nevertheless it is interesting reading.


Also check out the travelogues above, some of them come with photos as well.

Canyon Light Photo Gallery
Some nice desert pictures.
Home Appliance Shooting
Ed shot his TV right in the eye, but this guy has shot many more stupid appliances.
Erosion, Light and Sandstone
Large format photographs by Melody Thomas.
Her Links page also contain links to other great desert photography sites.
National Gallery of Photography and Poetry publishes great photos together with poetry. The poem Sandpainting And Desert Flowers is dedicated to Edward Abbey.
Slickrock Gallery
Kipp Greene live in the heart of the Escalante Basin and have just started Slickrock Gallery Fine Art Images of the Southwest and Desert Travel Guide. Excellent pictures, you can even buy some of you want.
Ansel Adams
This is mostly an exhibition of Ansel Adams: Fiat Lux which gives a portrait of the University of California in 1968, but there are also some pages about him and his other works. Posters and note-cards are for sale.
Images of Southern Utah
A few images by Brandon Plewe.
Camping in Southwest US
Mike Jewell has nice pictures from Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Mike also has a page for Edward Abbey, which includes information on Eds last public appearance.
Jon Archers photos
Very nice photos from Arizona and Utah taken by Jon Archer.
Note: you must use a browser that support JPEG inlined images, like Netscape, to view these pages.
Dave Goldhamms photos
Dave has a few but nice photos from Utah and Colorado, and he hopes to add more soon.
Aerial Zona
Scenic aerial photographs of Arizona.
New Mexico photos
By Philip Greenspun.

Books and magazines

Bookstores and publishers:

Abbey's Web Bookstore
Order your Abbey books online trough the most popular online bookstore,!
Dream Garden Press
Dream Garden Press is a small publishing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It publishes regional books about Utah, the Intermountain West, and the Southwest. Drem Garden Press has published editions of The Monkey Wrench Gang and The Brave Cowboy.
Ken Sanders, Books
Ken likes to buy and sell (and trade!) books that he like. Authors such as Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and B. Traven. Western Regional writers: poets, essayists, novelists, natural history writers.
River Gardens
River Gardens have many rare (and expensive...) Abbey books, with photos of the book covers.
Taugher Books
Taugher Books usually have some rare Abbey-books for sale.


The BookWire Index aspires to be the most comprehensive guide to book-related resources of the Internet. Go there and judge for yourself. Abbey's Web is listed on the Authors page.


Earth First! Journal
The Earth First! Journal is an independent periodical published eight times a year on the pagan holidays. The Earth First! Journal regularly includes: information and updates on Earth First! campaigns; news and announcements about Earth First! and other radical environmental groups; reviews and critiques of the environmental movement; book music and poetry reviews of interest to radical, hard-assed ecologists.
Arid Lands Newsletter
Published by The Office of Arid Lands Studies at The University of Arizona / Tucson, this newsletter covers topics such as Conserving Drylands Biodiversity, Desert Architecture and The Deserts in Literature.
High Country News
High Country News is a bi-weekly newspaper that reports on the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities. Covering 10 western states, from the Great Plains to the Northwest, and from the Northern Rockies to desert Southwest, High Country News is a respected source for environmental news, analysis and commentary on water, logging, wildlife, grazing, wilderness, growth and other issues changing the face of the West.
Desert Net
DesertNet is the Tucson Weekly's web site. Ed often wrote for the paper and was also a regular contributor to their Letters to the Editor page. Fans of Ed may enjoy checking out goings on in the city he loved to hate.


The Haydukes
The Haydukes are a "folk fusion" band, named after George Hayduke.
The Ballad of Ned Ludd
"A listener-directed techno-folk opera".
The Luddites was a 19th century monkey-wrench gang, wrecking loom mills unless the owners improved working conditions and compensation.
On The Day Edward Abbey Died
Mike Jewell wrote this song the day Edward Abbey died, March 14, 1989. Mike promises us more songs soon, so check out his page for Edward Abbey.

Organizations, activism

Encyclopedia of Direct Action
This 'encyclopedia' covers progressive direct action groups, their campaigns and some of the many tactics that have been (or could be) used by these groups.
Cascadia Rising
Information and pictures from the blockade at Warner Creek and other forest campaigns throughout Oregon and Cascadia. Publicizes the efforts of the Cascadia Forest Defenders.
Big list of organizations
This list, published by EnviroLink lists all environmental organizations that have a presence on the Internet.
Earth First!
Earth First! is different from other environmental groups. They believe in using all the tools in the tool box, ranging from grassroots organizing and litigation to civil disobedience and monkey-wrenching. The Earth First Journal has it's own homepage.
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
SUWA is the voice of one of America's most threatened landscapes - the wild and unspoiled Colorado Plateau. Ten thousand concerned citizens from across the nation have joined SUWA's hard-hitting, grassroots commitment to save the magnificent canyon country of Southern Utah.
Utah Wilderness Web Site
This is an attempt to bring together laws, opinions, images and ideas that have influenced the current Utah Wilderness debate. The Utah Wilderness Web Site is a product of grassroots action and is not sponsored by any organization.
The Wilderness Society
"The nation's only conservation organization devoted primarily to public lands protection and management issues."
The EnviroLink Network is the largest on-line environmental information service on the planet, reaching well over 550,000 people in 98 countries. Here you will find lots of resources for environmental activism such
International Arid Lands Consortium
The IALC is an independent, nonprofit research organization supporting ecological sustainability in arid and semiarid lands worldwide.
The Sierra Club
The Sierra Club is a non-profit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.
Rainforest Action Network
It's not just Utah that needs help, the whole world does. Think globally, act locally.

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