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With Traven and Thoreau (??)

[Note: this book has been announced for many years now. I'd suggest you not to hold your breath...]

This is a forthcoming book by Ken Sanders, subtitled A narrative bibliography of Edward Abbey. If you give Ken your email address you will be notified when the book is published.

His twenty-one published books on over one hundred editions are herein extensively annotated. Each entry includes commentary by Abbey and the author. Additionally, hundreds of periodical appearances, excerpts and anthologies, as well as introductions, forewords, letters to the editor, and a host of other rare Abbey ephemera are herein catalogued for the first time.

Interviews, video and audio tapes, calendars, posters and postcards are all duly noted. The work includes extensive writings from his unpublished journals, as well as Abbey artwork and passages from unpublished letters, and photographs, many published for the first time.

In addition to Abbey artwork and photographs, the work features a pictorial section containing virtually all of his published books, along with rare ephemera such as the rarely-seen Thunderbird Also included are a special essay entitled "R. Crumb meets the Monkey Wrench Gang" which details the story of how R. Crumb came to illustrate The Monkey Wrench Gang in 1985 and Abbey & Crumb Adventures on the Colorado Plateau. Another essay describes Abbey's adventures in River Solitaire, the ones he chose to leave out of his essay.

For more information about this promising book, please contact Dream Garden Press.

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