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Homage to Lava Falls, poem by W.C. Bottin

On a dory trip through the Grand Canyon in 1994 with my daughter, the dory I was in the day we did Lava Falls upset, spilling all 5 occupants into Lava. My daughter's dory made the run upright. What an experience, the incident prompted me to write "Homage to Lava". -- W.C. Bottin (

Homage to Lava Falls

At mile one hundred seventy nine
Lava Falls awaited us while we dined

Having run Lava upright before
I saw no reason to bow in honor

This time around I would not quiver
By the height of the waves nor the roar of river

I knew as we scouted the best route through
That after all the hoopla, we would make it too

Let the dorymen spread their tales of horror
I'll remain calm, cool, and skip that furor

The first dory emerged into the sunlight
Another great run and remaining upright

It was now our turn to conquer the master
Wet we might get, but there'll be no disaster

As we hit the "V" wave, it jerked us around
Pulled at the bow and battered us down

At that moment, I began to realize
Perhaps we might, just capsize

No time to panic, no time to react
Into to Lava Falls we went and that was a fact

Time stood still as I tossed about
Thank God for the eddy, Lava spit me out

My ego in shatters, my composure all wet
Next time I'll pay proper homage, you bet!

W. C. Bottin

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