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Aint No Environmentalist, note by Jeremy Schmutz

Jeremy Schmutz ( writes:

"Here is something I scribed while hanging out in a light drizzle near the bottom of the Grand Canyon, just thinking about my life vs. that of Edward Abbey."

Ain't no environmentalist
(catalogue of my everday abuses of Mother Earth)

I walk in my leather boots, ripped from the hides of ecosystem destroying cattle. I own things of plastic: cameras, zippers, everything of nylon. Plastic, savior of mankind, bane of the planet both in production and destruction. I buy throwaway items and then throw them away, I drive a pollution machine, the worst of its kind. Earth First Bumper sticker (B.S.) on atmosphere killer. I wear clothes made from plastic and unsustainable crops farmed by china poor men, slave labor. I drink coffee, stuff of rainforest destruction, and coca cola, the American friend. I stand idly by and watch the pollution of our minds with the shit of people getting rich off our sickly consuming habits. I have children- destroy kill and maim forever- carry on the work of our generation. I sit here and write with this pen that will one day be thrown atop the garbage pile, forgotten. I ...

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