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Walking it off, new book by Doug Peacock

The long-awaited new book by Doug Peacock Walking it off is now finally being published in June 2005 by Eastern Washington University Press. You can pre-order it at Amazon.com or at UW Press.

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Walking It Off
by Doug Peacock

Category: Memoir / Western History / Nature
Pub Date: 6/1 Price: $19.95 ISBN 0-910055-99-8 pages: 160 5.5 x 8.5

When he wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang in 1975, Edward Abbey became the spokesperson for a generation of Americans angered by the unthinking destruction of our natural heritage. Without consultation, Abbey based the central character of eco-guerilla George Washington Hayduke on his long time friend Doug Peacock. Since then, Peacock has become an articulate environmental individualist writing about the West's abundant wildscapes.

Abbey and Peacock had an at times stormy, almost father and son, relationship, that was peacefully resolved in Abbey's last days before he died in 1989. This rich recollection of their relationship and the dry places they explored are recalled in Peacockıs honest and heartfelt style in this poignant memoir.

Doug Peacock is the author of Grizzly Years, Baja!, and articles in magazines such as, Outside, Men's Journal, and Audubon. This prolific writer is dedicated to preserving the wilderness. He lives in Livingston, Montana.

"It is a saga of one man's spiritual rebirth through contact with wild nature and the primitive American landscape. Like Peter Matthiessen, Peacock writes about the natural world with a novelist's eye and sensibility." ­Philip Caputo about Grizzly Years


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